Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Feeling Normal Again

Katie Rose is now one month old.  What a month it has been!  But I realized today that I feel as if she's always been here.  She's our irreplacable little girl.  And it's just the way God meant it to be.

Blogging has been way at the bottom of my list of priorities this past month.  Okay, okay, that's usually where it is anyway. So here are some backlogged Baptism photos:
May 5:  The best moment of her life, and she sleeps through it.
Parents and godparents, our dear friends Katie and Chuckie.

(The rest of the pictures are more current.)  I'm grateful that I am feeling healthy again, enough to really enjoy having two children.  Most of the time, anyway. :)  There are still moments of not being sure of how to handle the active toddler while being stuck on the couch nursing for the fifth time this morning, but those are already becoming surprisingly routine.  And so not the end of the world.  He's already used to hearing, "Wait until the baby is finished eating."  We're reading a lot more books and learning the virtues of patience and putting someone else's needs first.  I suppose the old saying is true, that everything unknown is taken for wonderful. Actually it's a Latin phrase, I believe beginning with "Ignotus," and all a cursory Google gives me is Harry Potter fan fiction about Ignotus Peverell.  If anyone knows the phrase I'd be much obliged.

So to get it out of the way:  Why I was on bedrest for ten days of the last thirty.  Firstly, crazy bleeding after delivery left me very weak.  Then retained placenta caused more crazy bleeding.  That appears to have been resolved by Methergen, without need for surgery.  Lastly, the nastiest case of mastitis of my motherhood career to date. More drugs appear to have done their job.

It's amazing to me just how quickly the "normal" feeling is coming back, given all the above medical drama and all the soothsaying out there about how hard it is adjusting to two children.  Don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying it's easy!  Certainly not!  It's just that the feeling of dread I had about the first few days after my mother left town and my husband went back to work is definitely gone now.  I'm starting to settle back into a routine, by which I mean there's a very real possibility of having dinner ready and a load of laundry put away, with plenty of playtime and outside time for everyone.  I wish I hadn't worried so much about the adjustment part.  I'm confident it will feel completely normal soon.

Meanwhile, I'm just enjoying the ride.  Thank you for all your prayers for my recovery.  It also helps to have had so many generous friends to help with meals and childcare in the beginning, so I could regain my health to tackle Level 2 of motherhood.  We are just so blessed all around!

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