Sunday, June 3, 2012

Naptime Craft Time

Anthony and I had a fun time making these paper stars while Katie Rose had her nap.  Yes, the two-year-old really did help make these!  I did all the cutting and folding, and he did all the gluing.  It was a good thing to do just the two of us, since he was able to get quite messy.  Note to all mothers:  Elmer's glue really does dry clear, even gobs and gobs of it!  Anthony is very proud of his "piddy" stars.

Each one is made of just two pieces of scrapbook paper and glue, which we had on hand.  So they were even free!

The instructions were in this month's Family Fun magazine, so I can't give step-by-step directions.  Somebody must have given us a gift subscription, but I don't know who!

The stripey ABC one is my favorite I think.  


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    1. Ooh, those are nice! Also, I'm not sure how this happened, but I've missed, like, your last four blog posts. Catching up now...