Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

It is "Kathryn Rose" after all.  After all of our debating back and forth and finally settling on "Kathryn Grace" in the event of a girl-child.  When she was born we kept calling her "Katie Rose" and then correcting ourselves.  Eventually we gave up.  She couldn't be anything other than Katie Rose.  She looked like a little rose when she was born, all soft and pink with that adorable little pouty rosebud of a mouth.  She still does.  Apparently the consensus of family and friends favored "Rose" all along, anyway.  Her patroness is still Our Lady, under the title of Mystical Rose/Our Lady of the Rosary, so I don't think She minded our last-minute change.  :-)

After two weeks, Katie Rose and I are ready for the internet again.  This time we were delayed by an irrascible router, general postpartum adjustments, and an ongoing adventure with retained placenta.  Now I am on bedrest from said adventure, so I'll be free for blogging in the next couple of days if all goes well.  Pray for my husband and me.  All I have to do is stay in bed and wait and see what happens.  Ryan has to do what I usually do!  Now the little girl needs to be changed and nursed, so I'll leave you with that fascinating cliffhanger.


  1. ooh, that doesn't sound too pleasant (except maybe the "all I have to do is stay in bed" part ;) ) Prayers for all of you, and hopefully you're back on your feet soon!

  2. ooh, yeah...hope everything goes well for you. I'm not even sure what the options are in that case, but hopefully your body manages to take care of it before you have to do something more drastic!