Friday, February 10, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

round button chicken


This year I made Valentines for our families!  They will probably all be surprised to receive these, since the long-promised Christmas cards never came.  We had cleverly decided to buy cards a few days after Christmas last year, but all the ones left were decidedly secularized.  Only one even said "Merry Christmas."  That one had a pretty picture of a Christmas tree, but the inside message was lame.  I said, "Oh, we'll just cover it up with a cute picture of Anthony.  That's what all the aunts want to see anyway."  Well, that proved too difficult to get done before it was embarrassingly late to send cards.  That is, after New Year's.  So Valentines it is.

The level of sitting still required to trace his hand would never have happened if the little guy hadn't been feeling sick and just wanting to sit on my lap. But as it was, he had a good time with Mama's sound effects for going around each finger and getting his finger all gluey to put it together. The idea came from Money Saving Mom.

Breakfast makes me happy.  Especially when there's Nutella.


 I made the bathroom all sparkling clean last night while Ryan took care of Anthony for a little while.

Later, the little boy was in bed, I had a clean bathroom and fresh towels.  Fresh flowers and candles made the ambiance.  It was just like a spa! 

Well, almost. :-)


Poor boy.  Although I must confess, I am enjoying the additional snuggle time.

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  1. I do so enjoy a clean bathroom and I am very impressed with your Valentines. Your family will love them. Prayers that your little one is feeling better--hope he'll be bright-eyed quick.