Saturday, April 16, 2011

Since my last post...

-Anthony turned one had his first birthday party! It was a Hungry Caterpillar party, because he really likes that book. It's so cute how he laughs at the repetition of "...but he was still hungry!" My parents and my sister Teresa were in town for that weekend. We hadn't seen them since Christmas! It turned out to be a gorgeous spring day and some of our good Cincinnati friends came to play! Anthony had a really good time. He's going to be a social butterfly, I can already tell. Plus he managed to eat an entire cupcake.

-There are vegetables growing in the garden! Peas and lettuce and spinach and broccoli are all up. Carrots and brussels sprouts have been planted, but no sprouts yet. Some more things are still indoors, but they haven't really been getting any bigger. Fertilizer? Ryan built an amazing cold frame that we used to protect the broccoli transplants from the downpours we've had this week.

-The dogwood trees are blossoming! They're late this year. To me it isn't truly spring until the dogwood flowers are out. I love those trees. We had a pink one in front of our house growing up, and we always took Easter pictures in front of the flowering tree. My grandparents had a white dogwood in front of their house. At our house we have one of each: white in front and pink in back. Yet another bit of evidence that our house was really found for us by divine Providence. :)

-I finished addressing Katie's wedding invitations! Then I made her shower invitations and bought her a present. Good thing I like her so much.

-Ryan and I went to the gala supper for which I made the quilt in the last post. It was fun, and sort of a date for us. (We left Anthony with two of his "god-siblings".) The address was about "building our domestic churches", a good topic! Good food and good friends. TONS of stuff was raffled off. My quilt was priced at $200! Maybe I should think about an Etsy shop. Ryan won a very pretty collection of plates with Our Lady on them; my grandmother had the Our Lady of Lourdes one. They're now hanging in our bedroom, but Ryan doesn't know yet.

-Because Ryan's away in New York for his sister's senior fashion show. It's a big deal for her as a design major who's done the show each year she's earned the right to show an entire line of her designs. Her clothes are lots of knits and very soft textures. I am not there because little Bubs was very very sick on Wednesday and Thursday, and was not sufficiently recovered for a ten-hour trip. (He's pretty much back to normal now.)

-So this weekend I rearranged the bedroom and hung up CURTAINS! Like some women like shoes, my mom likes curtains. I have inherited her appreciation for properly dressed windows. Every single room in our house but Anthony's had mini blinds when we moved in. I detest mini blinds. To carry the shoe analogy, they are the cheap Wal-Mart white sneakers of window treatments. Curtains have not been a budget priority, so they remained, until I pulled the old one-two punch of clearance plus coupon at Bed Bath & Beyond! Our bedroom is now clean and pretty and romantic for when Ryan comes home. Or it will be once I chuck the Jumperoo out of here. :)


  1. I like your use of the term "God-siblings" - not much used since the Middle Ages. Did you know that back in the day, God-siblings were NOT allowed to marry one another?

    How has everyone been able to plant stuff already? I feel like...the snow just finished 2 weeks ago. And since then, we haven't had a chance to prepare our garden, since there's been tons of rain every weekend. I'm *hoping* tomorrow is the day. I just need Tom for the prep part. I can do the planting any day of the week.

    Also, I love good curtains too. My favorite are the good old clean white ones that flutter a bit in the breeze! Those are for small windows, though. For larger windows, you need pretty colored ones that can be tied back, and then sheers behind them. I've kept my curtain-purchasing minimal, since we're still renting. But when we get our own place sometime, I definitely want to find pretty curtains!

  2. You've been busy! Show us pictures of Anthony's party! Pretty please? ;)

    Thanks again (the millionth time) for addressing those envelopes! And, my coworker brought in the shower invite for me to see, its gorgeous! And it matches our wedding so well!

    I'm quite jealous of your yard and garden :) Oh well, we'll get to that point someday!