Saturday, October 27, 2012

6 Months Old!

Happy half-birthday, Katie Rose!  She is the happiest baby.  So chubby and cute.  We listen to her little squeals all day long.  She loves to blow raspberries and see everything that's going on in her little world.  She has smiles for everybody, as long as Mama is nearby.  Even when she is sad, she will have a smile for Daddy.  And nobody can make her laugh like her big brother.  She's very snuggly, and will give big hugs and nuzzle into me when she's getting tired.  We love you so much, little girl!


  1. Oh, that reminds me, I keep meaning to print that picture out and put it in a frame somewhere :) So cute! Happy 6 months!

  2. Holy crap! Ok, this is why you need to post pictures more often. I haven't seen a pic since she was a newborn. She's BLONDE now! Cute - looking forward to meeting her finally.

  3. You can put bows in her hair!!!! Soooooo cute!!!!!