Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vincent's Quilt!

Remember these?  Well, I've had them sewn up into a quilt for a little while now but since I finally got to give it to my godbaby tonight I can post pictures of the finished product!

Ta-Da! I'm really glad with the design overall. I started before I knew Vincent was going to be a boy, but I think this looks like a boy quilt. I think it's the olive green and grey. For the top I used most of the two charm packs of Little Apples that Ryan gave me for Christmas from the fabulous Sewn Studio.   I did go out and buy backing fabric, because the design was so cute and cutting it up into pinwheels didn't really let you see how cute it was. I've never done a quilt that was mostly all one line of fabric like this, especially the designer stuff; generally I will use up lots of odds and ends and maybe buy one or two new things to tie the color scheme together. But this is for a very special boy, so I suppose it's ok. :-)

Another first: This is the first project I've ever done with straight line vs. free-motion quilting. I think I prefer free-motion, even though it does take much longer than this simple in the ditch (more or less) grid. For one thing, I do not have a machine that's really meant to do quilting. I think it is due for a cleaning, too. I sort of had to rig up an even-feed foot that wasn't really feeding evenly, so the stitches got larger and smaller and pulled to the side no matter how carefully I worked. With free-motion, obviously you don't have to stay within the lines. Unless you're doing a complicated traditional design, which I have not yet attempted. I really enjoy meditatively moving the quilt back and forth, working into a rhythm making swirls or loops or just squigglies, either listening to music or just thinking. Next time it's back to squigglies, but I think the straight lines work with the design and make it more masculine.

See?  The fabric is really adorable.  Now to go work on my own baby's quilt!


  1. It's so beautiful, Mary. I was thinking on the way home that I didn't show as much of my enthusiasm as I should have. I really like it. I think it's quite boyish. I know the stitching gave you fits but it does not look the least bit bad.

    You should have finished your own baby's quilt first!

  2. Very cute. I've probably said this before, but I wish you lived closer, so you could teach me to quilt (and also just, ya know, so we saw you guys more often!). I don't usually learn crafts well from books, but I do remember you saying that's how you learned quilting. Do you remember what that book was?