Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bedroom Tour

I. Am. NESTING. Last week I absolutely had to clean all of the windows of the downstairs. Then it was scrubbing all the floors. Today it was our bedroom.   I swapped out our heavy winter duvet for a lighter quilt that actually serves as our curtain during the colder months, washed and cleaned absolutely everthing from bedding to baseboards.  So I am posting photos of our bedroom while it is still all fresh and spring cleaned.  All of you housewives know it won't be long before the dust bunnies start to come back!  It's a tiny bedroom so it won't take long to do a little clockwise tour.

I really like our room.  Some special things:

My dear friend Kristine embroidered this little toss pillow for us.

Our farm pictures.  A Goodwill find, but I love them because they are so detailed and show exactly the sort of rural life we dream about.  They look so still and placid with their large flat buildings and fall landscapes, but if you look closely they are both bursting with activity.  The top picture shows some sort of celebration with dancing and feasting, the other has myriad farm chores going on while men gather to hunt quail.  The style very much reminds me of Ox-Cart Man, but it isn't the same artist.

Plates with images of apparitions of Our Lady on them.  My grandmother had the center one, Our Lady of Lourdes, but we had to get rid of her things so quickly after she died it was inadvertently given away.  I came upon these last spring at a silent auction, and Ryan won them for me.

The photo above the bed is taken from the choir loft at our wedding, but I'm pretty sure it's copyrighted so I won't do a closeup.  Here is the closet, with our stuff in it now.  Not all perfectly neat anymore, but I'll be swapping out winter clothes next time I have a nesting burst. :) 

Those books all are Ryan's books related to business analytics. I can't tell you how much that stack is bothering me right now!  I know it's dumb but I definitely attribute that minor obsession to hormones. But they aren't all bad since they also inspire me to greater heights of housewifery before the baby comes!


  1. I smiled when I saw all the pillows on the bed. Tom canNOT understand why we need four pillows on the bed all the time, when every night, two of them get thrown to the floor, unused. haha..

  2. The extra pillows are for reading in bed! You use the big pillows for sitting up, the flatter ones for sleeping. Although I don't think Tom would really buy that explanation. They just look nice.