Friday, January 13, 2012

Sick Day, and Why I Love My Husband

Stomach flu. I was all set to be out and about in the first snowfall today: Children's Adoration, some errands, and babysitting a friend's kids for the afternoon. But instead my dear husband took care of me today. Thankfully he was able to work at home while I was sound asleep until 1:00! I can't remember a time I ever slept that late. And thankfully Anthony was mostly content to play with toys so Daddy was actually able to work! Ryan does NOT like dealing with illness. Once when they were teenagers his sister had a stomach bug and Ryan slept in the car so he didn't have to be near her. But he hugged me for a long time this morning to help me feel better. Not to mention rearranging his work schedule for me. He did go to work this afternoon, but Anthony's napping now, so I'm free to post a picture of them both on the internet before I do something more productive:
Also, this was waiting for me today:
They're sprouting already!!! It's baby salad mix. Our salad was by far our most successful crop this past season. We were harvesting it all spring and fall, up until Thanksgiving. We had saved some seeds in the summer. I was missing our fresh salad, and didn't like buying it at the store. So Ryan suggested just growing some in the basement through the winter. We put this together under a shop light on Saturday. It seems to be working!


  1. Those lettuce sprouts are awesome!

    I hope you feel better soon. Pregnancy and illness do not a happy combination make. I had a little GI bug Monday and I was so worried it would put me into labour. Not that I'm not quite ready for labor-I just didn't want to labour while sick.

    In response to your question-I don't know a whole lot about Montessori but I really like the concept. One of the things I plan to do soon is get some books, learn more, and hopefully start incorporating some Montessori type activities into the kids' day. Do you have any book recommendations?

  2. Aww--feel better soon, and I hope Ryan doesn't get sick too!

    And yes, the comments are fixed now.