Sunday, August 21, 2011

Yard Sale Finds

These photos are from a few weeks ago. I uploaded them and began a post, which I never finished in favor of the one for Katie's wedding and Sr. Victoria Marie's profession. So here they are now. $5 wooden highchair! I'm going to refinish it for Anthony to use. His current highchair is a nightmare to keep clean. Food gets in the little cracks and crevices of the padding, and UNDER and INSIDE the pad, which of course takes about ten minutes to take apart and another ten to put back together. Using it without the pad is not possible. It's probably technically an antique, as it came with a guide to carseat safety with this photo in it:

But that does not mean that I will be afraid of spray painting it.

I also got a huge bag of random fabric for a dollar. Here are some of my favorite prints:

And my very very favorite, is a crib skirt of this adorable bunny toile! It was crammed in the very bottom of the bag! I can make either four placemats or six napkins for Easter, as sadly part of it is badly stained. But look how cute!!!!!


  1. What pretty fabric! I love the first one, and the bunny print.

  2. We got a wooden high chair for $2 a few months ago! They are SO much better than the ones with fabric, which are impossible to clean. We even switched ours out in favor of our ridiculously expensive (almost $200) very modern wooden high chair we had received as a gift.

    The picture of the girl in the car seat is so funny! Kids could never ride in the front seat like that today!